When you need medical treatment but you live in the US

almost as bad as in Brazil… but the century-long embargoed Cubans are “the poor” that have access to a very cheap and efficient free healthcare system – but because they are evil socialists – the WEST boycotts them and refuses to learn.

insanity is hailed as the new “normal” – no matter how deadly that is.

In the end – it’s not about ideologies – it is about MONEY and MONEY only.

Health insurance can make a life or death difference, study says
By Shanika Gunaratna
CBS News, June 26, 2017
In the midst of the complex, politically-charged health care debate unfolding in Washington, medical researchers say the science is clear: being uninsured increases one’s risk of dying. That’s the headline out of a new big-picture analysis of existing research that explores the relationship between insurance coverage and mortality. Continue reading…

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