What is the economy? – to the city of Detroit

The economy is a game about DEBT created money. ( i hate autocomplete)

Similar to monopoly the aim of the game is to accumulate whatever currency is current.

In addition to monopoly, the economist try to accumulate in the stealthiest possible ways and in ways that are immoral but still-legal.

Just as the catholic church the 1-10% super-rich try to hide their wealth and any information on it, so nobody can tax them or hold them responsible.

Everyone is so BUSY and involved in playing “THE GAME” that 90% forget what the aim of the game actually should be: happiness. (sustainable pro life happiness for 99%, i hope. not the kill yourself with a drug-overdose kind of happiness)

example: Detroit: can’t you see – if your real estate market is without limits – you will relive past crisis.

  • 1. city is broke and collapses, because the operational mode of the economy was not sustainable.
  • 2. people flee the cities and the houses
  • 3. house prices collapse
  • 4. “the cool and young”, “hipsters”, internet-startup-entrepreneurs move into the city because of the affordable office space.
  • 5. companies and people move in, start small and medium sized businesses (SMUs)
  • 6. “investors” come in, buy up the city housing
  • 7. house prizes rise
  • 8. mall and medium sized businesses close down, they can not afford the rent
  • 9. people flee the city, city collapses go back to 1.


Would it be too much “socialism” and too much “democracy by the people for the people” for the USA and the city of Detroit to set a limits to how much rent someone can charge per-square-foot in Detroit?

Or: If the city owns and runs a lot of office space and housing and compete with private companies in order to lower the rent?

If not this utter unsustainable economic nonsense will repeat itself with the danger of Detroit one day truly vanish and will be given back to nature (also not the worst of options): Detroit WAS back and nothing was learned from history? I hope not.

July 24, 2018

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