Welt Geld Liebe

In dieser (von hässlichen Männern gemachten Welt) geht es nur um Macht und Geld – aber ohne die wahre Liebe ist alles nichts (ist das Leben sinnlos)

Tell your kids: life is getting harder not because of Bad luck – but because of a system build with logic but without consciousness / awareness – sideffect selfdestruction of mankind.

Comparable to nuclear energy – it was invented by clever people -it was put to bad use by power greedyheartless people withoutconsciouaness – intelligence without consciouaness is highly dangerous and potentially selfdestructive.

A Psychopath does not understand that he can not order people to love him for his money and power by a push of a button.

“I do not care who you are and what you wish for – but happily follow my commands or i kill you”

Does this sound like a “good” father – son relationship to you?

This is what you get if egoism and ignorance is bliss.

September 16, 2017

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