The Perfect Partner

The receipt for the perfect partner seems easy..

1. good charming looks (can’t really do much about this expect do dress-up/makeup and sports avoid crystal meth)

2. success in the satanistic economy (psychopaths are very successful here)

Need scientific proof: look here

3. loving caring kind personality, developed human being, social skills, opposite of a psychopath

3.1. not too much traumatized childhood, mental illness, hopefully parents were no narcissistic psychopaths

4. same degree of intelligence as you have

5. similar taste/hobbies

… “easy?” isn’t it.

It’s not.

You ask for the almost impossible – a loving caring psychopath.

By nature psychopaths lack empathy and therefore will be ignorant arrogant selfish and very manipulative.

You give them love – you get money and nothing but money in return.

In the end – psychopaths may be successful in business but fail in marriage.

In the end they also feel lonely – forsaken – have only temporary relationships – everybody hates them.

A tragedy for the whole society / family.

No way out?

“Honesty-Humility has been found to be strongly, negatively correlated to the dark triad traits.[89]

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