the nature of man(kind) – back to feudalism middle ages

a pretty big deal of time philosopher’s minds – and i am no exceptions – circle around the problem of: what is man? what is the natural nature of man?

is mankind really as fucked up as it seems?

or is it just what capitalism (the operating system of society in 99% of the world) made it?

almost always rewarding dark traits and thus brings about the worst in people?

you can always say: even a fucked up system is better than the stone age.

think about it, the declaration of independence written in 1776 is now considered way too “progressive” –  well how much cultural “progress” did mankind make in the last 243 years if something as old as the declaration of independence is still considered “revolutionary”?

The technological progress was massive – but as a society – cultural – structure of society – not much progress eh?

WallStreet Investor Carl ICahn is surely no Saint – but i think:

more investors should study philosophy – because his perception goes beyond what everybody else perceives – this system is closer to middle ages feudalism than to democracy.

“corporate America is really like feudalism – it is much more similar to feudalism than a democracy. They even use metaphors for it”

“think of the CEO and the board as the feudal lord – they surround themselves with mercenaries (lawyers) to protect them – barons (investment bankers) ” (src: Fox Business Youtubed Interview with Carl ICahn Published on Jan 7, 2019)

Back to the roots might be a good thing, but but back to the middle ages?

I doubt that.

Obama 2016 UN Speech: “Be careful with enlightenment”

Obama is delivering a lot of blah… but there are some good key points.

“Time and again, human beings have believed that they finally arrived at a period of enlightenment only to repeat, then, cycles of conflict and suffering.”

I could also say: again and again wall street bankers and other financial “elites” believed to be more clever than anybody else (this is where the problem starts) – to have cracked the riddle and found the secret money printing machine – just to discover they created a big messy bubble that will implode sooner or later and like a black hole will suck a lot of jobs and companies and the economy of whole nations into financial abyss.

He could also not escape the framework in which he was allowed to operate in – so he could never deliver on his promise on bold change and “yes we can” – no we can not – but he took the chances he had make a positive difference – in contrast to the business man Trump he is a intellectual – i prefer that.

if humans – every single one – refuse to do what we could do to transform into a more positive future for all life – mankind will end up in a big big mess – just like the dinosaurs – but their mess was not self created.

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