the entangled web: trust – relationships mutual exploitation?

“These respones revealed them to be an in-sync couple with a high-trust relationship” (Book: Dr John “What Makes Love Last” Page 11)

in this post i describe what / how relationships SHOULD be and can be.

in a system where lies are rewarded and truth is punished – only sickness can grow.

where friendships are ruined because one knows too much and the other thinks he has to bribe a friend – is expression of how much the person thinks – that in this world – no true friendship exists – only mutual exploitation – because why should someone just be friends without monetary benefit?

almost no music – without manipulative lyrics – that try to traumatize you!

this world is build on lies.

and it will come crashing down sooner or later.

women: they are right that a lot of men just want sex.

hence: there is mistrust right from the beginning.

and it is important that – as a friend – we men / i – spend a beautiful fun day with her and the kids – without sex.

on the other side: women know about it – and also might try to exploit it for monetary benefits – which is again – sick – unless prostitution is normal.

according to Dr John Gottman trust is THE FACTOR for stable relationships.

so i urge you – be friends and cultivate friendship – even if it does not pay off monetarily.

take care of each other – because it is good for both – even if it does not pay off monetarily.

it is important.

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