the elementary fundamental question of life

George Friedman: “Life sucks – and then you die”

Really? Can we imagine anything else?

Is this all that is life about?

Then it would have been better you were  not born in the first place?

If you can NOT imagine a life without constant misery, suffering and hardship… that is a sad life.

From 9 planets – only one has life – it is a precious gift – how we use it – is up to us – what culture we life – is up to us (now) – the frameworks suck – but children are not born evil.

Dalailama: “The meaning of life is to be happy” – with happyness he means deep inner satisfaction – no more no less. Being a son of a rich man – Buddha sat down under a tree – not to stand up anymore – until he had the solution to all this suffering. The solution was – not-wanting. Basically the opposite of greed.

Now you can not-not want food or water. This does not work. But you can cultivate deep inner satisfaction without a fancy dinner. And that might even bring you a more lasting happiness than the fancy dinner.

they are born with the potential to psychopathy – but if this potential is supported or not – is up to the framework surrounding their everyday lifes.

are the parents loving caring kind?

or are parents ignorant egoistic and heartless?

are school mates loving caring kind?

or are bullies channelling their hate, suffering and respectless behaviour towards other victims?

yes life is about survival – survival in a universe that not everywhere – has pro-life conditions.

But does the universe hate us?

Does nature hate us?

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