The Art of Flicking

This has nothing to do with the picture-platform :-D. In Germany we have a word “procrastination” – which means – moving unwanted work/todos into the future or self-distracting yourself with other work/todos 😀

The Art of Actively Avoiding Work

Commonly practiced at Caltech, flicking is not the same as malingering, shirking, or idling, although it may bear some superficial resemblance. It generally manifests itself in playing games, especially with toys, or perhaps as reading comic books, watching TV, or mudding. The work normally being avoided is homework.

True masters of the art may also practice advanced flicking. This rarefied art is in concept very simple: it involves doing other, less important work, rather than the true work at hand. Even normally onerous and necessary jobs such as dishwashing are advanced flicking, if a paper is due on the next day. Homework itself may be advanced flicking if it is more necessary for the dishes to be washed.

Amber geeks may speculate on the possible existence of exalted flicking. That is because Amber geeks are often very silly.

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“I founded the Mola Preservation Society for two main reasons: first, I have an innate predisposition toward philanthropy, and finding the Mola to be the very embodiment of my values, saw its preservation as a worthy cause; second, I’m basically a chickenshit, and I figure, how hard can it be to preserve something that has stayed exactly the same for as long as the Mola has?”

–Ralph Pearson aka 10baseT mofo crazy

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January 28, 2017

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