Survival – ignorant parents – war and climate change expenses

Over hundred and thousands of years and generations our ancestors fought, worked and suffered for their survival, freedom from tyranny and a better future for their children.

But it was not until now that mankind developed sophisticated machines with profound sideffects that could backfire so badly and threaten the survival of the whole species and the ecosystem atmosphere earth.

Maxton: will mankind dispose itself?

I just hope mankind is not as stupid and ignorant as a rock – because then our beloved and only habitat will be destroyed and become like Mars full of rocks and CO2 (atmosphere of Mars is 90% CO2).

All resources will be eaten up by parent-ancestor generations, less and less babies will be born because the modern lifestyles of their parents had no sustainable future.

Nothing but rocks will be left for their grand children that still love their ignorant parents that sabotaged their future and brought about suffering and death upon them.

Sad preventable catastrophe – NATO countries are asked to spend 2% GDP for military/army/war – it would only take 1% GDP to prevent climate change.

Go Tesla Go.

I hope they manage to create batteries for 100$ per 1kWh.

Go Elon our last hope. Go.

Suffering is NOT the meaning of life – but it seems suffering is inevitable for development towards a better way of life/survival.

I wished it was different but look at mankind – without major painful catastrophes mankind rarely seems to learn.

But just like a kid that won’t realize no matter how much you warn it – what a hot oven plate actually means emotionally – until it is touched and skin painfully burned.

Often we want to go the easier way with less suffering and not listen to our belly – but that backfires too.

All the answers are inside you – practicing awareness meditation will lead to insights – but that is not what you want to hear from me.

Slipping pills and not changing anything will backfire but is easier short term – i just pray atleast some people change after looking death in the eye.

November 18, 2018

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