Striving for Truth

“Striving for Truth – everyone should be.”


“not striving for truth – means lying to yourself.”

“Lying to yourself – does (at best) nothing (stopping your development as a human being) – at worst it will make you lead unhappy lifes – without aims – useless – senseless – without a journey or a story to tell – without ups – without downs – without a purpose – without meaning – ignoring yourself and self-destruct fast or slowly – because you realize – you are leading an life without meaning.”

“(Awareness)Meditation is about making sense of your feelings and discovering their underlying causes – understanding why they are there and why they are how they are.”

Understanding your feelings leads to better objectiveness towards your feelings and compassion for your self.

Regaining control over your emotions that might lead to actions that cause (even more) suffering.

You can act like a machine (for a while) but you are not – you have a consciousness – a machine has no consciousness.

It also means listen to your inner self – your subconscious processes – that are there to help you (the consciousness) lead a better happier life – they maybe no better – what journey you should take – what you truly want to become. (to possess money is not be the meaning of life – but of course you could do good with it: supporting and helping (as a community) each other – fostering development of human beings – freeing them from dependencies and slavery.)

It allows you to make decisions “with your stomach” instead with your logic-left-brain-side – which in the long term – are usually the better decisions.

It will make you aware why the things are how they are and what you can do to (i hope) change them for the better.

Fear and Hate are not sustainable. Forgiveness needs to be learned.

Don’t look for (sustainable) deep inner satisfaction (the Buddhist definition of happiness) outside your self – search inside yourself.

Lookig for Enlightment?

The Dalailama said: “If we want to become enlightened – meditate on compassion (German: Mitgefühl) and empathy (German: Einfühlungsvermögen)”

It can’t hurt.