status quo of mankind/der menschheit – monks on flames

die Menschheit – mit ihren selbst geschaffenen aktuell (mehr schlecht als recht) laufenden Systeme – ist ein Unikum an der grenze zur Absurdität.

homo sapiens (mankind) – with its self-created current (more bad than sapiens (wise)) running operating systems of society – is a unique phenomenon in the galaxy on the border to absurdity.

Die (Haupt)Aufgabe vieler beständig an seinem Bewusstsein arbeitenden Menschen/Mönche, ist möglichst wenig unter dem diese umzingelnden Wahnsinn zu leiden, manche zünden sich lieber an.

The (main)task of many people/monks constantly working on his consciousness is trying not to suffer from surrounding Madness, some prefer to ignite rather than continue to be surrounded by madness.

“A Colorado teenager intentionally set himself on fire in his high school cafeteria early Monday morning. It’s not known what the student’s motivation was, but it appeared to be a suicide attempt.

No other students were injured, and Standley Lake High School was closed for the rest of the day. The unnamed student remains in critical condition in a Denver-area hospital.

There is nothing unusual about a young man trying to take his own life. Worldwide, an estimated 10 to 20 million people attempt suicide each year. About 30,000 people die by suicide each year in America – it’s the ninth leading cause of death in the United States, and the suicide rate is higher than the homicide rate.” (src:

“More often, however, the motivation is protest”

“Demographic information revealed that 27% of suicide cases in Iran were via self-immolation.

Of those, 71% were female. The mean age was 29 years.

Geographical features of self-immolation indicated that the self-immolation rate was higher in rural areas and in provinces that border the country.

Provinces that were involved more intensively in postwar problems feature higher rates of self-immolation. People of Kurdish ethnicity were more likely to engage in self-immolation.

Unemployment was a risk factor for self-immolation, while mental disorders and lack of access to health and treatment facilities did not play an important role for increasing the rate of self-immolation.

Overall, this study demonstrates that self-immolation is a significant public health problem in some parts of Iran.

This study clearly and consistently shows that self-immolation is a complex phenomenon with multiple causes.”

no this has NOTHING to do with the vestival burning man

….unless it has to do with protest. ( i don’t think so, it has to do with commercialization of everything).

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