Rape and abuse against women means total war against family – Totaler Krieg gegen die Familie – Vergewaltigung zerstört die Infrastruktur der Reproduktion

Total war against family:

“Women are raped because they know that the social field of family / marriage / reproduction is affected and damaged sensitively.

In many of the relevant regions, there are cultural conventions that exclude raped women from marriage and family life:

As far as they are unmarried, they are no longer eligible as marriage partners, and as far as they are married, men can refuse the “withdrawal” of their wives.

Even if there is no such convention, it is clear that rape deeply disrupts or destroys the integrity of families (and not just: the integrity of bodies and souls).” (AutoTranslated with Yandex, src)

but i want to stress – i came across at least 2x women that show clear psychological signs of rape and abuse (maybe even in childhood):

1. unable to bond/relationship: they don’t like closeness, they very quickly get “closeness” overdose, they can not handle closeness.

meaning: unable to trust on intimate levels – often changing partners for all sorts of reasons.

2. all doors in the house had always to be open – fight or flight in this case surely: always ready to flee.

one of the women knows and reports that she was raped twice – the other women seems really not being able to remember the abuse (which can happen for severe traumata beyond repair, the brain just simply disconnects all synapses – but it is still lingering in “the system” – but the patient does not know/can not remember)


She ignore her memories = too ashamed / afraid to speak open about them (maybe her father was involved… and it would be major scandal for the whole village…).

Totaler Krieg gegen die Familie:

“Frauen werden vergewaltigt, weil man weiß, dass damit der soziale Bereich Familie/Ehe/Reproduktion empfindlich getroffen und geschädigt wird.

In vielen der einschlägigen Regionen gibt es kulturelle Konventionen, die vergewaltigte Frauen aus dem Ehe- und Familienleben ausschließen:

Soweit sie unverheiratet sind, kommen sie nicht mehr als Heiratspartnerinnen infrage, und soweit sie verheiratet sind, können Männer die “Rücknahme” ihrer Ehefrauen verweigern.

Selbst wenn es keine solche Konvention gibt, ist klar, dass durch Vergewaltigungen die Intaktheit von Familien zutiefst gestört oder zerstört wird (und nicht etwa nur: die Intaktheit von Körpern und Seelen).”

src: https://www.zeit.de/kultur/2018-12/vergewaltigungen-kriegswaffe-nobelpreis-gesellschaft-kriegsfuehrung

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