mankind’s survival

mankind’s survival – will depend on its cultural development and its collective intelligence.

Mankinds collective stupidity will be its downfall and maybe even vanish from the universe – forever – nothing lasts forever.

Mankind has not infinite time to proof that it can survive sustainably.

I tell you how it is going to happen:

The older generations (that do not know how to use the Internet and are thus easy targets for Propaganda)

Will fuck up the planet (vote Trump and Johnson and other demagoges and populista out of “stupidity” (cry for a strong man to lead and fix all their problems… If you believe in it… So if he delivers vor not. Building up a religion like believe in the Führer system has killed 60 Million last time … Hitler did a lot of positive things at the beginning but the balance is still very negative)

Then they say “oooops, we did not believe you, luckily we are already retired and die soon”

“Now that the world is fucked up you can have it”

PS: this monetary system is unsustainable madness – how much madness and stupidity can mankind afford in order to not threaten its survival as a species? (It is just another religion/believe system and has nothing to do with logic and responsibility)

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