life in the universe

what is the difference when a cat looks into the mirror or a chimpanzee looks into the mirror?

The cat does not recognize itself.

The chimpanzee does.

The difference: consciousness – awareness of the self.

What if a chimpanzee looks into the mirror and a human looks in the mirror?

Both recognize themselves – but human’s consciousness (should) be even further developed – to the point of conscious decision making – (that also takes into account the stomach not only the frontal cortex).

Man can ask why?

Why are the things how they are? what is gravity? (we can calculate it, but still do not know how it actually works… but one day we will and then finally: HOVERBOARDS! 🙂

until then we have to stick with wheels…

the wheel industry won’t like it…

of course humans share trades with animals.

but to say humans are (exactly like) animals is incorrect.

be the better animal – be the bigger man.


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