it is official

it is official – some parents are so ignorant and blind (trained by the monetary system) they want to leave their children a poisonous – highly in debt – fucked up planet behind because it is “the best of all worlds” that they could envision. ???

when i ask my father – why after 30 years – there is still 200.000€ mortgage on the 8000m2 property he got from my mother – which she got from grand mum – the answer is: this is how the world works – you have property – you need money – you go to a bank that creates the money out of thin air – but demands real “securities” like a house or land – if the stock market goes south – banks go bust and want their money back – so grandmum’s land get’s sold.

“GREAT” this “normality” is so absurd and evil i want to kill everyone involved and blow up every bank and hang every banker.

my father MUST be Darth Vader and we all buy into the cool-aid.

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