Is mankind savage

Is mankind really savage in nature?

I would say: Mankind has the POTENTIAL to exist in many different ways.

It depends pretty much on the ability of the free will to escape or shape and alter the environment, or be shaped and altered by the environment.

Thus: Depending on how you grow up – (lack of love, compassion, money, money, money) everyone can become a potential murderer – it is a matter of conditioning.

The effects of money-conditioning of the brain are scientifically proven: anti social behavior: loneliness and to help others less. (Brain Scientist Dr Manfred Spitzer)

Loneliness is pretty much the opposite of happiness, unless you are so traumatized by mankind, that you prefer to be alone, than surrounded by assholes.

What does savage mean?

Savage means no sense of justice.

Eberyone lies, steals, rapes and murders.

A similar question would be: if mankind is traumatized by TV or real events – what shall/should/could we do about it?

Alter your envinroment – stop watching fear feeding TV.

So the answer to savage assholes is having transparency to fight corruption plus havings high quality laws & police – also enough policemen to do the job with the right training and equipment (should be no less than 10min to arrival at scene).

Probably not exactly what people with economic interests (no tax) have in mind when they say: small government.

Small government: there are probably 3-4 times more privately paid lobbyists around those hundreds of politicians.

Maybe they should stop funding this first – if they want to save money.

Without love and empathy – mankind is doomed for de-construction.

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