How would you define true love?

“What is love? Baby don’t hurt me – no more” (Haddaway song)



Passion for a comon thing!

Unfortunate as it can be – a German definition: love seems to be an act of exploiting each other.

As any definition – it will be incomplete.

Men want the sex – women want the money (Symbol for enshuring survival also that of the possible children).

That would be okay – if there wasn’t this urge for harmony and perfection – and of course – men wanting to multiply as much as possible – simply because its fun.

So sharing time – sharing humor – sharing thoughts – sharing opinions –  sharing icecream – learning from each other – helping each other develop as a human being – makes happy.

Knowing the other person understands oneself – affirmation – gratitude.

But sharing too much time seem to inevitably destroy the harmony sooner or later?

Because sooner or later – there will be different opinions about the same and maybe as a result – arguments.

So one feels again lonely with oneself – being the only of “such kind”.

What makes my love turn to hate is when i sense egoism.

Egoism in a sense – that so called love is not about accepting the other person fully – but only accepting the other person if he/she accepts certain ideas/terms & conditions.

Then it is not unconditional love anymore.

And any form of conditional love is not true love.

Because with true love the other person would accept or atleast tolerate and understand different ideas / viewpoints.

Example for unconditional love: i love you even if you fail sometimes – after all nobody is perfect.

Conditional love: if you are not successfull (exam A+) i will not love you.

So maybe true love is about meaningful relationships and good sex. (Of course)

And food. (survival)

If neither of both learned to cook atleast pancakes – the fast food.

August 14, 2017

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