Status Quo Mankind & Consciousness

it is pretty hard to live a conscious life — without consciousness it is way easier, but also further away from truth.

you live – you work – you die – not knowing why – never asking – just accepting whatever comes.

with all those informations and insights available by internet one realizes:

there is way too much madness in this world for a half-conscious human to be able to cope with.

consciousness also means being aware of causes of problems before they unleash their full destructiveness.

it is not your duty to improve others – it is your only duty to improve yourself and live a happy sustainable life. (which is pretty hard if one is surrounded by idiots and asholes playing monopoly)

 “Save the World by the Way you Live”

this way you can inspire others “on the way of your happy journey”.

trying to improve others will consume all your resources including yourself and ultimately make you mad, because not all people have the same quality of awareness and consciousness.

Not all people are ready and willing to go on the same journey than yours – even if you are convinced – that your journey is “the best” and would lead to world-peace, sustainable happyness and enlightment.

do not expect anything.

expect to be pretty lonely.

with your thoughts, plans and actions.

because the more your consciousness and intelligence differs from others – understanding worsens – aims, interests and lifestyles will be different.

but there is light – there are humans willing to improve themselves – one day you will cross their ways and smile – just be patient.

children are special in this case.

if you fail to inspire your children – because they decides for the sake of biodiversity to explore a completely different path than yours.

remember: if you know your consciousness is reaching further than that of your children (you are aware of the fact that a car or a knife is dangerous or taking drugs, cheating stealing and trying to get away with it is cultivating evil in your lifestyle and asking for trouble) you should – of course – intervene and keep your children that are unaware of some dangers – from falling into that knife.

removing the knife is not always possible. there is no 100% safe environment.

it is only a combination of trying to remove threats from a childs environment, teaching them awareness of such dangers and also preparing for worst-case scenarios (if you get cut – have a bandage at your hand).

if you have children – it would be wise – to learn how to live happy and sustainably – so they have a positive perspective and are happy to see the light of the next day.

anything less is pretty unresponsible – towards yourself and your children and will cause a lot of suffering – just as a wild man has 5 kids that he can not feed and sustain and because of lack of condomns he makes another child.

often children are “some thing” that just “happens”.

but if their parents do not live a life worth living (on the brink of starvation) – how should their children learn?

unresponsibile behaviour causes a lot of suffering.

probably only consciousness and empathy can prevent that.

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