happiness is a basic human right – monetary successful psychopaths

… but what are human rights worth, if they are not enforced?

if democracies are corrupted to the bone and follow the money?

What if heartless psychopaths are rewarded by a system that breeds evil?

Just as in this grim fairytale film: literally “The Cold Heart” / Heart of Stone (German: Das kalte Herz) is a fairy tale written by Wilhelm Hauff. published in 1827 in a collection of fairy tales that take place within the narrative of The Spessart Inn. (src)

In this dark fairy tale – a young poor man falls in love with a beautiful woman.

Because he has no money – he can not marry her – so he asks a ugly giant that lives in the black forrest to remove his heart and replace it with a stone.

This stone heart allows the young man to become materially very rich while at the same time his character becomes evil and heartless.

The woman realizes that he is not anymore the man that she wanted and wants to leave him.

In the end the young man curses the giant and tricks him to give him back his warm heart.

This economic system way too much rewards and thus breeds heartless people and psychopaths.

Would you like to be ruled by heartless psychopaths? Sounds like the 3rd reich to me.

It would surely be the end of what is still positively associated with the word “human” and “humanity” or “man(un)kind”.

Unconditional love: Children love their parents unconditionally.

Thus no matter how psychopathic or evil parents are – their children can never 100% hate them – 99% yes but not 100%.

This fact is exploited by psychopaths because they know loyalty can never be 100% lost.

But as often – exploitation is unfair, hurtful and damaging trust.

Trust is THE most valuable resource – but psychopaths often realize this too late.

Thus: they cheat and manipulate until they lose all friends and family.

This economic systems is a competition – also a competition of cheaters – who cheats more and better – wins – but it is damaging to friendships and relationships and thus will result in eternal loneliness.

Is this really worth it?

I don’t think so  but it takes a developed consciousness to realize this fact.

because as Manfred Spitzer said: Even if people annoy you – loneliness is quiet the opposite of happiness.

Unfortunately psychopaths – because of their economic success – bet that they ALWAYS can buy your

loyalty – it’s up to you to proof em wrong – not an easy task – because it would mean more than changing jobs and bosses – it means working towards independence from the monetary system as a whole.

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