GuideLines for a Beautiful Life

o everyone – and ALSO YOU – have the right to be happy.

given empathy – you can only be happy if your closest surrounding is happy – the Dalailama calls this “good” egoism.

o without real true love – nothing really matters.

o the Dollar conquered a lot – but true love will conquer everything and everyone and overcomes everything and everyone – even death.

o everyone needs a place where one can fruitfully invest one’s love.

o to make profit is optional – but to develop yourself as a human being – is not optional.

o The logic is powerful but the heart, the stomach, the subconsciousness does better decisions – learn to listen To it (Breathing Meditation vipassana can help here) and have the courage to follow it – as impossible as it might seem.

o learn to look at this planet from atleast 3 different perspectives: travel – to see the world from different angles will give you a better view.

o travel to a desert to learn to value every drop of water and rain.

o If a stranger asks you for something – if you are unwilling/can not help – never give him/her nothing – atleast give him an alternative.

o every human, animal and plant wants to develop To its full potential – make good soil and environments that allow good things To grow.

o sick planet = sick people

o humans are nature – if you kill, destroy, waste nature you killed yourself.

o you have a right to a happy life – but not at the expense of other people’s happiness or by extraction or exploitation – if you learn to listen To your inner self you will know what To do – what will make you happy.

o live consciously – not a second of your life will come back – spend it consciously

o everything in the universe has it’s spot where it belongs – if you are unhappy you are in the wrong spot/in the wrong environment.

o the meaning of life is to be happy (dalailama 2015)

o happiness for a Buddhist monk is deep inner satisfaction.

o man can choose anew every day to be a beast or disease to nature or not.

o try not to irresponsibly toy with the life of others – but help them develop and progress towards the comon goal of sustainable happiness. (deep inner love and satisfaction)

o if there shall be peace in the village – the huts need to stay apart (native american saying)

o train your body but also your consciousness – logic without consciousness is like a powerful tool that can not see what is right or wrong.