Free as in Free Market

Life in a free market economy comes crashing down as a unreliable, reckless,  exploitational, cheating chaotic joke – that is hostile to children and families – because those only can exist in a predictable future that makes sense.

Its is as if you try to raise a family with the income of a pokerplayer.

For 10% of pokerplayers this might work sometimes – for 90% it will not work most times.

The concept is just bad.

Growning fruits yourself – on land you own – gives people a Basis on which to operate – not by arty farty hipsterism and fancy business terms and investment bubles.

What if it you would get a bonus to kill yourself?

Would you do it?

After all money is king and makes all the decisions for you. (Yes you can work hard, Party hard AND evolve in consciousness)

I argue that if mankind does not evolve in consciousness – it will have no future.

“Free” actually means: more free than a slave – but not much – nobody intends to work towards everybodys independence of market players and owners of the planet.

But yes if not forbidden by regulations (that a lot of people tend to ignore) you can send your children to prostitution and sell grandmum on eBay to a elderly Home in China that still makes profit with her cut-to-minimum pension.

Maybe too much freedom isn’t healthy.

People/children without guidance from their parents would feed on nachos Snacks and icecream ONLY.

So without guidance people (old children) are lost.

August 6, 2018

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