Finding a Partner for survival

you want to be special (and you are) at the same time you want to find someone like you 😉

this is contradicting.

while i early realized (first girl friend) that deciding by appearance is not sufficient for a long term relationship.

We all obey the laws of psychology – looks – fashion – facial expressions – signs of fertility – fear – self-confidence (or not) – consciousness – knowledge – education – smell – experience –

Also women have build-in methologies – algorithms so to speak – what appears to be the best partner that

1. can assure safety and survival of herself and her kids. (big muscles, big car, big ego, big house, big money, big land, big fridge…)

2. makes a good genetic match determined by pheromone smell (combination of immunesystem properties ensures robust and capable immune system for children – higher probabolity of surviving desease and bad hygiene)

so again and again – the game is survival.

while it has many sub-games – it is the only game we daily play – unconscious often.

work = money = survival

yes well if the monetary system is well managed :-p

but its not 100% save – not as rock solid – almost a physical natural force like gravity – god given. (not)

at this stage where money has become the new god and religion – people realize – they are not as free and independent as they believe.

self-reliance goes down to 0%

almost nobody grows food.

complete dependance on oil, money (banks especially central banks) jobs and Investors.

the best emperor is an invisible one – the best empire – the best prison – is invisible.

invisible = can not be attacked

humans pretend to be machines – working at and in machines – but they are not machines – they have consciousness – emotions – motivations – creativity.

there is also some software… that if it breaks… its just as bad as breaking your arm.

how do you build a happy machine?

happiness matters and is crucial for survival just as much as water and food.

mental health is becoming rare and very valuable.

Bernard Lietaer – nature does not look for maximum efficiency (productivity) – it looks for a balance between efficiency (30%) and resilience (70%).

we ought to learn to think in ecosystems.

because money is also a form of thinking – not a very positive for all mankind one.

May 18, 2017

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