fight 2 survive – fight for survival – where is the freedom? – high tech middle ages

the old fight to survive in the stone age game – is not gone – it just has shifted – to the economic money and digital level.

there are people who know do evil and profit – may their karma haunt them forever in their sleep.

can you imagine a world – in which it pays off to be good?

i hope so.

otherwise this species is doomed to extinction.

i would even argue – that because women and (some) men feel – that the “modern” western shiny way of survival is unsustainable – why have kids – in a world that probably is going to end – because this is what unsustainable means – that it is going to end.

in my millennial generation it feels as if you only can “make” kids if you are completely reckless.

thus the low birth rate in “modern” “rich” “wealthy” societies.


the super rich (that can not remember when they cleaned their own bathroom THEMSELVES! (because they have employees = slaves)) and the super poor (100% state sponsored) both do not feel “the pressure” that constantly is on the species called homo sapniels.

the first group think they can do whatever they want – the second group does not know what to do.

both groups (mostly) do not feel responsible for the survival of life in the universe – but life in the universe is fragile – and i would be sad if life ends on this planet – mankind = a temporary phenomenon?

(this is why we all should support Musk to get his feed on the ground of Mars (i would be okay with Musk being the first man on Mars))

why have kids, if they won’t have a future?

so worry less – have more kids? i guess this is what our parent generation to some extent did – sounds terrible? it is.

1977 – the sex pistols – no future:

you gotta fight, fight, fight… (… work, work, work… like a machine, get’s tiresome sometimes)

where is the freedom?

unfortunately i have to agree that only highly educated people will know what to do with their spare times. (research even more)

it feels as if we are (culture wise) in a high-tech version of the middle ages.

with landlords and peasants.

don’t believe me – believe Elon Musk (GO! MUSK! GO!) – Unsustainability means it is going to end

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