Empire Collapsing

If it is true – that the money empire is collapsing as we speak – we could leave out all the havoc and destruction and violence and war that accompanies the collapse of every empire – and fill that void with something beautifuly, sustainable, non-self-destructive.

With a communities of people that respect each other – that work together as a group to enable a better world for all life on earth.

Join us in the fight and work for such a world worth living in or flee.

There is always an alternative – and we desperately need man and women to engage in the training of their consciousness (for example by free vipassana = Achtsamkeits meditation) to decide what way is the best to go for every single person and society as a whole.

“einfach schöner wohnen” – “easy peasy survival – but only of the corrupt, rich and globally scale irresponsible? What kind of future might that be?

September 5, 2016

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