Dear Fucked Up World

Arbeit – ist das nicht die Ablenkung – welche die Wahrnehmung der Zeit beschleunigt… um sich selbst abzulenken… von allem Möglichen und theoretisch Unmöglichem.

Ähnlich wie man Latein lernen als völlig sinnlos da nutzlos betrachten kann – ausser man denkt sich – es ist halt nur eine weiteres Hirtraining.

Ist Hirntraining nutzlos? Ich denke nicht.

It is funny – i am the second generation of people not threatened by death through war, starvation or plague.

And i think the brain needs to adapt to such a world as well – were the danger is more in the chemicals that slowly (over weeks, months and years) poison our food and bodies causing cancer – than on immediate saber tooth around the next corner – “the now”.

but: no human can escape his evolutionary legacy.

The brain is optimized on 1. visuals 2. surviving the here and now.

Not long term thinking.

So from time to time i guess – people have to go on adventures – you can call them crazy and stupid – but all they do is putting them back in time 100 or 1000 or 10.000 years – were life was simpler (less technology dependent) but also more dangerous and more here and now – the tasks that the brain optimized for over thousands of years.

Now it’s all technology – technology – technology.

As if technology was all a human needs.

It seems like everyone is living in his/her own parallel universe – and all that connects us now are “smart phones” and WhatsApp messages.

This is not smart. It is stupid.

There are more important problems to solve than high speed internet. (although fast internet is nice X-D)

It is more about concepts – how to live a truly meaningful happy (deep inner satisfaction) life.

A life that you like to wake up to.

A life with work that brings more than money, survival and consumes time to distract from human’s incapability to be good fathers/parents/partners and human’s (current) incapacity to 1. live love and respect with other humans 2. deep inner satisfaction.

Work that actually makes sense.

I guess when it comes to work – i am truly a scientist (unfortunately).

Why unfortunately?

Because scientists are only interested (curiosity) in things and skills that they do not know – once they figured out how to do it – it becomes boring – but that is (usually) when the real work is ought to be done – by repeating, repeating, repeating, training, becoming faster, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating… see? it get’s boring fast.

In this way Elon Musk is BETTER than Iron Man – he never build any weapons (except for this “boring” flamethrower)

Children come into this world and expect their parents and grand parents to not hate them and therefore leave the world in a better condition than it was before (and not the other way around… but capitalism controlled brains do wicked things – ignoringly/unknowingly).

Also Children expect to find a world in which they can live out their imagination “do whatever they want”.

Well – no.

You can imagine to ride a unicorn across a rainbow or play it in a video game (or a computer simulation that is directly projected into your brain, total recall)

But you will never do it for real.

So there are limits to what you can do.

Resource limits. Time limits. Limit limits.

Whoever says there are no limits – is clearly on some form of drug.

“No limits”… means tossing someone into outer space… and leaving him float there… for ever and ever.

“there is always more to acchieve” (really? sounds like iphone1..2..3..4..5…X…10…12)

“impossible is just a word” – well then try the impossible – try to be happy EVERY SINGLE DAY – instead of distracting yourself with some made up goals.

But eventually he/she collides with something or get’s sucked into a black hole and that’s the end of that.

So even this is not without limits.

Nothing is without limits.

And within those limits – you ought to be happy – the mind – a beautiful prison.

Constantly going over limits is not only unhealthy but it is just getting you to new limits.

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