yes we can too – man(n) kann auch

… you(u) can have fun despite apocalypse with asholes and idiots… but well fun is of course limited with this multi layered apocalypse looming over overybody’s head – the party is just a little “loomy”. but thanks god – everything has an end – even mankind. … man(n) kann auch in der Apokalypse unter Arschlöchern […]

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Der Sinn des Lebens

Wer nicht wusste, dass Geld und nur Geld allein der Sinn des Lebens ist – der hat keine Ahnung vom Leben. Waldbrand: Aufstand: Das Ergebnis ist das gleiche. Es ist sogar noch krasser: Es geht noch nicht mal um die Frage nach dem Sinn von Leben/Sterben/Leiden/Gut/Böse/Moral/Ethik/Überleben/Nachhaltigkeit/Gerechtigkeit/Planeten/Sterne/Physik/Materie/Schulsystem/Handies/Luft/Tisch/Holz/Kugelschreiber(alles was es jemals gab oder gibt hier einsetzen), sondern […]

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konzept: Sisyphus

Konzept: Sisyphus – wenn ein Konzept – nicht nachhaltig ist – dann kann man so fleißig sein wie man will – man wird es niemals nachhaltig bekommen. Das zu realisieren fällt vor allem denjenigen schwer – deren Kopf sehr tief im System drin steckt – sie verlieren auf gut Deutsch – den Überblick über den […]

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its tougher than nails – climate change and forest fires – the smell of apocalypse

… to stay constructive in an destructive apocalyptic world. 99.9% can not handle it, especially without alcoholism, workoholism, drugism and distractionism. Want a taste of apokalypse? Checkout those nice fotos of the “bush” “wild” “FOREST” fire of California 2018: Causes? “In Winter is rainy season in California. Actually. But instead of damp coolness, December brings […]

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Seelische Software

die Menschheit ist perfekt am SmartPhone. Am Programmieren, Installieren, Konfigurieren von Software auf Computern wird ein immenser Lebenszeitlicher Aufwand gewidmet. Aber der “Software” welche auf der “Hardware” Mensch “läuft” – darüber weiß man nichts – schenkt diesem enorm wichtigen Faktor keine Bedeutung – keine LebensZeit – keine Aufmerksamkeit – weder in der Schule noch sonst […]

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Nur die Liebe gibt unserem Leben Sinn – Only Love gives our life meaning

13.Sep.2010 – Uncategorized Nur die Liebe gibt unserem trostlosen, unbedeutenden, primitiven, sinnlosen, wertlosen, ziellosen Leben Sinn. Only love gives our bleak, insignificant, primitive, sense-less, worth-less, aim-less Life meaning. Die Liebe zwischen Menschen Eltern, Großeltern und Kindern und Enkeln. The love between Humans parents, grandparents and kids and grandchildren. Die Liebe zwischen Geschwistern. THe love between […]

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Nuclear war: The best way to destroy an enemy – is – to make him a friend

“the Soviet Union never had plans to attack USA… we also build those weapons for our DEFENSE” Stanislav Petrov has averted a potential nuclear war in 1983, Petrov was awarded the Dresden Preis 2013 (Dresden Prize) in Dresden, Germany, on 17 February 2013. The award included €25,000.[23] On 24 February 2012, he was given the […]

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The Problem with dictatorships and democracy

The Problem with dictatorships/Monarchie/empires: no one dares to tell the king/dictator the truth, that his/her decisions might be flawed/wrong/catastrophic. So catastrophes of gigantic scales are produced. The Problem with democracy: unresolved issues of corruption. so instead of working hard on the problems of democracy “falling back” to dictatorship is “easy” but not (very likely) not […]

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June 24, 2018

Is Agent Smith right? Is mankind a disease – a cancer of this planet?

when you campaign for sustainable better survival with less suffering – but get the impression capitalism poisoned every corner and brain of this planet… you surely wish for mankind to die. better earlier than later – so other species can survive US. (and they will) What is fundamentally wrong with “The Matrix” concept – i […]

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January 16, 2018

To all Money KingKongs

You probably have those people too that would like to privatize your grandmum As a cookie baking slave Should all go broke and become humans again… Money the new god or deamon… Its an absolutey insane crazy and useless nonsense system… To enslave people. Like the church or a Sekt. It works as long as […]

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December 26, 2017

Good ideas and intentions

Humans manage to turn almost any good idea into perversion pretty fast. Jesus sacrificied himself for the world – a few years later – his followers turn into power, sex and money addicted perverts. The Stalinistic version of communism – just as our corrupt and rotten democracies – started off as a good idea – […]

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December 22, 2017

Der Sinn des Lebens – the meaning of life

der Sinn des Lebens ist glücklich zu sein. sagt der Dalailama. the meaning of life is to be happy says the Dalailama. Wobei Buddhistische Mönche Glück als Tiefe Zufriedenheit definieren. Buddhist Monks define happyness as deep inner satisfaction. Sollte allem Leben im Universum zustehen. This should be inalienable right for all life in the universe.

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January 25, 2017

Ecosystem / Ökosysteme

We have to learn to think in terms of ecosystems. What keeps them in balance and what destroys balance? That is what should be taught at schools. Do we know so little about ecosystems like a pond – but if we knew – we could scale that up and understand the ecosystem of our planet […]

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January 25, 2017

advantage of poorness

when you are poor (absurd-moneywise, not experience or love or compassion or consciouss wise) it opens your eyes to the true and universalproblems of mankind. if you are rich – you probably care about other things – like keeping your monetary status quo. in this sense being rich in the absurd-money-system is a burden for […]

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January 1, 2017

beautiful survival

life is about organizing everyone’s survival in a beautiful way. what do you learn about that in school? nuthin. we need to learn to think in ecosystems (ökosysteme) how the web of life is woven and what are the factors that could destabilize the balance mankinds survival depends on.

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December 24, 2016


Awakening is consciousness of the Absurd/Absurdity/Absurdities that constitute our everyday “deathstyle”.  

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December 6, 2016

True Love

Should we give up an money, work and distraction for the dream, the hope, the search for true love, development as human being and a truly fulfilled live? no. Because when the thrill wears off… what then? I belive the world is taken over silently by ugly old men, that gave up on their hope […]

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November 29, 2016