We consider those eternal truths to be self evident… that everybody wants to be happy.


The Meaning of Life

“The meaning of life is to be happy”

All striving of man aims for that.

“Maybe the meaning of life is simply to develop yourself as a human being”

Multiple wise man said:

Sustainable happiness can (probably) only exist as deep inner satisfaction.

Being alone is probably the opposite of happiness.

Empathy is very important for the development as human being.

There is a wise way of egoism – the wise egoist only can be happy if those around him (family, friends) are happy.

perfectly mistaken

Nobody and nothing man-created is perfect.

But who does not travel and evolve will never arrive.

No human made system will ever be perfect – because man is not an perfect human being (like god) – he/she makes mistakes.

The management of mistakes therefore becomes important or as JFK said: “an error becomes a mistake – if you refuse to correct it”.

Better Alternatives

Is the the legitimit right and even the duty of everybody to question the system under which they live and work at better alternatives.

Governments should encourage that process – even if it means their own abolishment.

The Individuum and The Community

Of course happiness means something different for everyone of us – never the less there are overlappings – between Person A’s definition of happiness and Person B’s definition of happiness – for example no one would disagree that access to enough pure and drinkable water needs to be the foundation of any definition of happiness.


What should be in the declaration/basic human rights:


  1. WATER IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT – access to sufficient for survival amounts of drinkable pure fresh water
  2. One hectar per family – provides meaningful work to grow food and feed yourself and your family.

I am not asking for Jesus-like sacrifices.

As long as every conscious man and woman does what he and she can – the outcome can only be beautiful.